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The Tracker

What is a query tracker?

Also known as a submission tracker, this is used to track queries made to an editor. Basically, when a writer (or photographer or other creative type) wants to get published, he or she will package up a sample of work and mail it to an editor. That's a query. The editor reviews it, and responds. Our Tracker is used to make note of who published what, how much they paid, and when.

Why bother?

Since most professionals can send out scores of queries each year, it can be difficult to remember who has seen what, and what was accepted or rejected. Our Tracker takes care of this for you. It records which of your creative works have been sent out. It notes the date sent, the date returned, the editor, what you were paid, and your comments. It will alert you if you try to send out something an editor has already seen.

Show me.

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1. Enter the titles & dates of your creations.
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2. Search for the market you're contacting.
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3. Pick your market from the results.
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4. Select which items are being sent to that market.
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5. Later, come back and log how much you were paid.
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6. View reports on your total earnings.