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The Forums

What is it?

Our forums offer a discussion area for creative people, with a specific focus on workshopping. There are fiction writers, poets, even a few artists all posting their works-in-progress, and getting critiques. The Publisher Database forums are not for those with fragile egos, because our members will not hesitate to point out plot holes, typos, and even flawed handling of the subject matter. But opinions on how to improve are always offered, too.

How should I start?

Start by reading a few posts. You'll notice a link to the forum rules appears near the top of most forum pages. Be sure to read that. Then head to our "Water Cooler" section, and introduce yourself. Then post a critique or two, and see how it goes. Remember, we follow a rule of reciprocation: don't expect high-quality in-depth reviews of your work if you've never given high-quality in-depth reviews.

Show me!

You can get to the forums by using the "View forums" link on the left side of this page. Even without a free membership, you can peruse the forums. However, you'll need to become a member to post.

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1. View the forums and pick an interest.
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2. Select a topic that piques your curiosity.
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3. View the message, and post a reply if you wish.
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4. Enhance your profile.
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5. Here's what the reply screen looks like.