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The Publisher Database

What is it?

The Publisher Database is a collection of hundreds of markets looking for writers, artists, photographers, and poets. It includes magazines, book publishers, greeting card companies, e-zines, agents, and even art galleries. Each listing includes the names of editors, contact information, the genres they publish, and other member-contributed data.

So what?

You may wonder how useful this is, especially if Web sites like Writer's Market already provide similar services. But there are large differences. First, a concession: Publisher Database is the new kid on the block, and doesn't yet match the depth of some other Web sites. However, our Publisher Database is free. Ours is community-maintained, so if a listing is outdated, you can change it. And ours isn't limited only to writers.

Show me.

You can familiarize yourself with this feature even before you sign up for a free membership. The browse link on the left side will let you review listings. The screenshots below are from the left-side search link that is enabled for members.

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1. Enter all or part of the publication name, or select any of the other options.
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2. View the results, make a selection.
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3. View (and edit) the record for a particular market.