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Most Helpful Members

We're not playing favorites here, anyone can get on the list of most helpful members. The Web server determines it automatically.

Why bother?

Publisher Database has no problem attracting people who want to post their work for review. But reviewers are a rare and treasured commodity. So our system tries to feature the members who gave the best responses.

How does it pick winners?

I can tell you this: simple post-counts won't get you on the list. You can make a thousand posts and not only fail to appear on the list, but actually end up with a negative score. You see, I programmed the server to use a point system. It gives 1 point for each substantial reply you made during the previous 60 days. Creating your own new topic doesn't count. Replying to your own topic doesn't count. Short fluff posts don't score points, either. In fact, if you make a lot of short posts in a single day, you can lose a few points as a flood-posting penalty. A small amount of short posts each day won't impact your score -- it's only natural that some conversations won't be deep or wordy -- but as it scales up into larger and larger numbers of fluff posts, the penalty grows too.

I'm not going to say what the system considers to be a "substantial" reply, and I also won't say what the numbers are for the flood-posting penalties. I don't want people trying to game the system. But I will say that if you want to get on the list, the best advice I have is to post helpful critiques. That's all there is to it.

How do they get their homepages to show?

While in the forum, click the "profile" link near the top of most forum pages. In your profile, you will see a field for your Web site URL. That's what is used.


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