"The Paperlessly Wallpapered I.O'U. Papers" (No. 49-PDE)

Wednesday, 04 December 2013, 10:43 AM

Tongue Twister for Homonym Lovers, Podiatrists and Towers
(Especially Towers Who Live in Towers)
(And 10-Foot Toe and 2-Foot “2” Lovers)
By Ivan O’Uris

A 10-foot toe and a 2-foot “2”
Needed a tow from two towers.
A tower agreed to tow the toe,
But not the “2”
Because the “2” was too much to tow.
Another tower agreed to tow the 2-foot “2,”
But wouldn’t touch the 10-foot toe
With a 10-foot pole.
And another found towing the toe’s 10 feet
And the “2’s” 2 feet
Too big a feat.
Finally, two, two-toned towering towers
Towed the “2” and the toe from the two towers.
They had to tow the toe’s 10 feet
And the “2’s” 2 feet
On foot.
Fortunately, they had the right feet for the feat.

Biographical Notes: Ivan O’Uris is an aspiring tower and podiatrist who loves 10-foot toes and 2-foot “2’s. He does not live in a tower. If he did, he would live a tower that towers could tow. He’s from the small North Atlantic island of Luscia, where one version of the constitution was drafted using only confusing homonym-filled tongue twisters.

Non-biographical Notes: This piece was posted long ago online. As with some other pieces included in “The Paperlessly Wallpapered I.O’U. Papers,” it got lost in cyber-space by taking The Wrongly Routed Route-by-Rote. A St. Bernard dog specializing in finding lost nonsensical poetry retrieved it and gave it to two towers to tow – along with a 10-foot toe – back to the folks at JFSG Publications, who’ve reposted it.

©circa 2006-(not circa)2013, JFSG Publications. All rights reserved.

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