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During his youth, the young Moses walked into the trap of [Injustice]! ⇒ Moses did an injustice to an Egyptian ⇒ Moses killed him! ... In doing so, he became a Murderer! ⇒ Moses became a criminal! ... God was angry with Moses! ... THEREBY it is proved that The young Moses was not at all [keinesfalls] A WAGIH ... Moses made his Mistake [the murder of the egyptian] out of ignorance! ⇒ It follows that The young Moses was not at all wise! ... THE YOUNG MOSES was unquestionably NOT A GOOD EXAMPLE TO IMITATE ⇒ Because A MURDERER is unquestionably NOT AT ALL, A GOOD EXAMPLE TO FOLLOW! ... Subsequently, THE YOUNG MOSES was not at all appropriate [geeignet - suitable - competent] as A WAGIH! ⇒ A MURDERER is not well-regarded! ... simple! logical! ⇒ hence [Exodus 2:14] [Are you going to kill me as you killed that Egyptian yesterday?] which refer to [فأصبح في المدينة خائفا يترقب فإذا الذي استنصره بالأمس يستصرخه قال له موسى إنك لغوي مبين ] and [فلما أنْ أرادَ أن يبطشَ بالذي هو عدوٌ لهما قالَ يا موسى أتريدُ أن تقتُلَني كما قتلتَ نفساً بالأمس، إن تُريدُ إلا أن تكونَ جبّاراً في الأرض وما تريدُ أن تكونَ من المصلحينْ] …Quand Le Pharaoh a interrogé Moses, il ne s'est pas dérobé ... When The Pharaoh put his questions to Moses, he did not evade it! ⇒ Moses said to The Pharaoh: [قال فعلتها إذا وأنا من الضالين] that is, [Moses killed the egyptian, because he had been ignorant = out of Ignorance] ... Moses did not give a pretext! ein Vorwand! ... Moses did not equivocate! Moses did not give [des mauvaises raisons] ... Moses n'a pas usé de faux-fuyants! ... Moses machte keine Ausflüchte! ⇒ Moses greift nicht zu [faule, schlechte, unlautere, unglaubwürdige Gründe!] ... Moses did not make [excuses - Ausrede] for [the Murder - den Mord], .. Moses wollte nicht entschuldigt werden! ... [Wagih] and [من الضالين] are diametrically opposed to each other! .. [Wagih] and [من الضالين] are mutually exclusive! .. Sie sind zwei gegensätzlichen, einander widersprechenden oder sich gegenseitig ausschließenden Begriffen ... Therefore THE conduct of YOUNG MOSES should not be equated (gleichgestellt) with THE conduct of A "WAGIH" .. Because A WAGIH cannot be at the same time AN IGNORANT MAN! ⇒ It's just contradiction! ... The young Moses was [ignorant]=[من الضالين], because of [lack of understanding =الجهل], that results from lack of [discernment and insight]! ... [ignorant people]=[الجاهلين] ... Afterwards Moses repented and changed his mind! ⇒ AND MOSES SUCCEEDED IN WINNING GOD’S PARDON! .. NOW MOSES BECAME WAGIH OF THE ISRAELITES! .. NOW MOSES BECAME A GOOD EXAMPLE and to imitate! He is A WISE PERSON to follow! ⇒ Moses acts no longer [out of IGNORANCE], [out of ANGER] ⇒ Moses is no longer under the control of his bad, quick, tempered gestures! .. .. The good Samaritan (help - vient en aide) A STRANGER .. A stranger is neither [a relative, ein Verwandte], nor a member of The same Community! ... A STRANGER is not a member of the same COMMUNITY! ... To the contrary, THE YOUNG MOSES rushed up (accourir) to the help of some members of his own Community! ... In short, A WAGIH acts primarily in view of [وجه الله تعالى]= [GOD'S FACE] .. Of course,[وجه الله] is a metaphorical expression! .. Metaphorically speaking, the view of A WAGIH, does not favour or take primarily into consideration [one's-own-People Face] or [one's-own community-Kinship FACE] or [a person's-high-social-rank/position FACE] .. A WAGIH is concerned only about winning GOD'S APPROVAL ⇒ not his ONE'S OWN COMMUNITY APPROVAL! ... The Prophet Muhamed did not win GOD'S APPROVAL, in the case of the blind man! ⇒ because THE PROPHET DID NOT ACT AS A WAGIH, IN THAT PRECISE CASE! ⇒ That's perfectly clear! ... Consequently, GOD'S DISAPPROVAL is well justified! berechtigt! ⇒ Because God is a just judge! .. .. Now suppose that Moses had not known that [The quarrelling persons] were members of his [own community] .. In such case, Moses would probably not bother to mingle himself into the quarrel! ⇒ Moses would probably not think it necessary to intervene in the dispute! .. Logical! .. Moses would, then, probably not have mingled in the quarrel .. He would not have fought at the side the injuried! .. simple! logical! .. In fact, Moses came actually to assist THE INJURIED KINSMAN! .. In contrast to Moses, The good Samaritan came to assist A STRANGER! ⇒ not A KINSMAN! .. .. Reasoning may be defined simply as that act by which the mind, proceeding from a judgement, moves to a second judgement and hence, because of the inter-relationship of these two, to a third judgement! .. THE GOOD SAMARITAN deserves thus to serve as A WAGIH ... The good Samaritan is commendable! .. THE murderer YOUNG MOSES is not commendable! .. simple! ... There is [a connection, a relationship, un jeu de mots] between the arabic word for [A CALF]=[عِجْل] and Moses' postponement of The punishment of THE SAMARITAN, WHO LEARNED THE ISRAELITES “WORSHIPPING A CALF”! .. .. Bram Stoker: For whatever kind of love it is that boys are capable of, Harold had fallen into it. 'Calf-love' is a thing habitually treated with contempt. It may be ridiculous; but all the same it is a serious reality--to the calf .. .. In arabic The words [A CALF]=[عِجْل] and [RASHNESS / ÜBEREILUNG] = [العجلة], hence [العاجلة] are derived from the same root! ... [العاجلة] refer to [IMMEDIACY of TAKING ACTION] ⇒ as a result of IMPATIENCE (=getting irritated very easily) .. [العاجلة] suggest ⇒ The desire of acting rashly in order to calm down rapidly (s'apaiser), and thus to take delight in being compensated or avenged , without delay! ⇒ That is, to act rashly to one's complete rapid satisfaction! .. There is a striking CONTRAST between MOSES' CALM DECISION towards that samaritan, and HIS MURDEROUS REACTION towards THE EGYPTIAN .. CASTANEDA CONCEPT of NOT DOING ... NOT DOING is precisely [un-knowingly] DOING .. because DOING refers to our false, habitual EMOTIONS?? ⇒ which respond promptly to the acts that make up our image? .. CASTANEDA: Don Juan described self-importance as the force generated by man's self-image. He reiterated that it is that force which keeps the assemblage point fixed where it is at present ⇒ For this reason, The thrust of the [warriors' way] is to dethrone self-importance! And everything Naguals do is toward accomplishing this goal! .. NOT DOING would thus stop the process of CONDITIONED THINKING? that is tied up with our image... to win GOD'S APPROVAL? or metaphorically speaking [GOD'S FACE]=[وجه الله] --> is the opposite of aiming to win our IMAGE or SOCIAL RANK and ADVANTAGES! ... ... [العاجلة] refer to [AL DONYA, THE LOWER, Die NIEDERE, THE FIRST [الأولى], LE SECULIER of St. Augustine], which GOD consider less valuable! .. as opposed to [AL AXIRA, THE LAST, Die LETZTE], which GOD consider most valuable! ... [AL AXIRA, THE LAST], hence requiring PATIENCE! ⇒ since its name [AL AXIRA] reveals that it comes later! .. as opposed to [الأولى]=[AL DONYA] that comes at first! .. [THE LOVE OF THE WORLD] and [THE HANG on IMMEDIACY] or on [العاجلة]=AL DONYA=[الأولى], stand in antagonism toward [AL AXIRA] ⇒ both are diametrically opposed to each other! ... Compare with the expressions: [العجلة من الشيطان], [Eile mit Weile], [في التأني السلامة وفي العجلة الندامة], etc ... Moses did not judge The Samaritan! ⇒ But Moses deferred to THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT! ⇒ Consequently we deduce that THE WAGIH MOSES deferred to GOD! ... to defer= to submit to another wishes, opinion or governance usually through deference or respect ... The arabic word for [CALF] and [MOSES' REPLY] to the Samaritan, are proved thereby to be closely interrelated! ... ... MOSES’ ADVENTURES AND WANDERINGS are also TO BE READ as ALLEGORIES and PARABLES! ... We gain thereby an insight into understanding THE MEANING OF "acting as A WAGIH" .. WAGIH suppose [first of all] TO BE VALIDATED BY GOD! .. MOSES’ [Qualities of Leader] received validation from God! .. In other words ⇒ It is God who validates us! .. NOW, THE OLD MOSES DID NOT THINK to kill or even to strike a blow against THE SAMARITAN, WHO LEARNED THE ISRAELITES “WORSHIPPING A CALF”! ... Though the Samaritan got actually on MOSES' NERVES and irritated him more than The murdered Egyptian! ... Now Moses did not think it [right and proper] to strike The samaritan! ⇒ The old Moses did not seize The samaritan! as The young Moses did to The egyptian! … BECAUSE! ⇒ THE OLD MOSES IS NOW A “WAGIH”! ... But Moses seized his brother Aaron by the beard and dragged him in anger! … Aaron is a parent! ⇒ IT’S DIFFERENT! ⇒ Ça devient une affaire de famille! ⇒ UND GENAU AN DIESEM UNTERSCHIED erkennen wir wo liegt die Bedeutungsnuance von dem Begriff “WAGIH”! … BY MEANS OF 40 YEARS OF INTERACTIONS between MOSES and THE ISRAELITES during their wanderings of in the desert, “WAGIH” becomes easily explainable and understandable! … THEREBY WE CAN GAIN THE PRAGMATICAL and PRACTICAL MEANING of the term “WAGIH” ⇒ As opposed to some whimsical, imaginary, idealistic, misleading explanations! .. Indeed, A MEANING associated with 40 YEARS! will surely lead us to THE RIGHT and EXACT UNDERSTANDING of the word "wagih"! … Thereby! dadurch! wird “WAGIH” leicht verständlich! ⇒ WAGIH =DER WEGWEISER! .. because WAGIH is closely associated with [GOOD EXAMPLE + DIRECTION + GUIDANCE]! … … THE FISH SYMBOL PRECEDE IN TIME THE CROSS SYMBOL! … Knowing the chronological order of these symbols brings important insights! WE DEDUCE THEREBY THAT THE EARLY CHRISTIANS DECIDED DELIBERATELY TO CHOOSE THE FISH as The most adequate, acceptable and suitable SYMBOL FOR JESUS! … HOW DID THEY REALIZE THE TRUTH BEHIND THE PARABLE OF THE CROSS? ... They Must Have Been Great Wise Men, Those who devised and inaugurated the symbol of The Fish! … Et si c'étaient les trois mages?? ... ... The initiators of the Fish symbol remained unkown! Sie waren im Dunkeln geblieben! .. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! … GENAU AUFPASSEN! … MISERY=DAS MIßGESCHICK=MISHAP=BAD LUCK=FAILURE=ERROR=VERSAGEN=MISFORTUNE=PECH! ... … THE CROSS like THORNS, belongs to A WICKED MAN! A MISFORTUNED! A DESPERADO! … ... ... THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION owe therefore her INAUGURATION or COUP D'ENVOI to THE FISH! ⇒ And not the reverse! ... THE EARLY CHRISTIANS lived in an atmosphere of oppression! ... They were not allowed to speak freely ⇒ il n'était pas permis de penser librement ni dans l'empire romain ni chez les juifs! ... THEY CONSTITUTED THEREFORE THE CLANDESTINE GROUP OF THE FISH! ... THEY HAD BEEN FORCED TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS! ... TO REMAIN (DES PERSONNES "SANS NOM")! NAMELESS BRAVE PEOPLE! ... They did not share the views of [Jesus'disciples], who did not understand, the meaning of the cross! ⇒ SO THEIR VIEWS WERE NOT CONCURRENT with THE VIEWS OF JESUS' DISCIPLES! ... ... [ > ] THE CHRISTIAN FISH was conventionally shown swimming from right to left ⇒ WHY? ... THE MEANING associated with THE FISH is diametrically opposed to THE MEANING associated with THE CROSS! ... Da Jesus aramäisch sprach, das von rechts nach links geschrieben wurde, soll auch der Fisch in diese Richtung zeigen! ... Der Fisch war eine zeitlang sogar geheimes Erkennungszeichen der Christen !! ... THERE IS A POWERFUL MESSAGE IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION ... ALL BECOMES CLEAR WHEN WE TURN THINGS UPSIDE DOWN! ⇒ From there, came The choice of "THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION" ⇒ Because THE GREAT WISE MEN, who firstly devised THE SYMBOL OF THE FISH, were careful sorgfältig [careful], to keep HAPPINESS, linked with [Jesus or Truth]! ... as distinct from ... MISFORTUNE, linked with [a miserable man or desperado]! ... These GREAT WISE MEN took GREAT DEAL OF CARE over THE APPROPRIATE and MOST IDEAL SYMBOL for THE NEW RELIGION, in order to avoid misleading people about THE TRUE MEANING of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST! ... Sie legten große Sorgfalt auf [das geeignetste Symbol], um zu vermeiden, ein falsches Bild von "The Passion" zu vermitteln! ... CROSS an FISH are two distinct things! ⇒ Diese zwei Dinge müssen auseinander-gehalten! ⇒ THE CROSS führt die Menschen nicht in die Irre! ... THE CROSS suits A MISERABLE! A CRIMINAL! ⇒ THAT'S PERFECTLY CLEAR! ... DAS IS DOCH EIN GANZ KLARER FALL! ⇒ Because we don't put God together [zusammenstellen], with those, whom God had forever abandoned, and withdrew HIS GRACE, HIS MERCY, SEINE GNADE, SA MISERICORDE! ... That is perfectly clear! ⇒ Because That is logical! ... Indeed, GOD should be put folgerichtigerweise [logically] with THE BLESSED, DER SELIGE, LES BIENHEUREUX! ⇒ logical! ⇒ kinderleicht! ⇒ C'est le simple bon sens! ... The pair [GOD + THE DAMNED] is illogical, incoherent! VERNUNFT-WIDRIG! ⇒ It doesn' make a sound sense! ⇒ And that is The view, die Ansicht, der Standpunkt of GOOD SENSE, DER GESUNDE MENSCHENVERSTAND! ⇒ It's simply a matter of course! ... On the contrary, the pair [GOD + THE BLESSED] is coherent, logical, VERNÜNFTIG! ⇒ because it makes a sound sense! ... ... “Has God abandoned Jesus?” ⇒ THAT'S NONSENSE, OF COURSE! ... ... The Cross? That is, in any case, not for Jesus! ... That is, on no account, not for Jesus! ... C' EST UNE ÉVIDENCE QUI NE POURRAIT ÉCHAPPER QU'À UN IMBÉCILE! ⇒ THE DUTY OF MAN, THEREFORE, IS TO ROOT OUT THE [MISLEADING SUPPOSITIONS] AND TO REPLACE THEM BY THE [ CORRECT UNDERSTANDING, GOOD SENSE and LOGIC]! ⇒ Thus we avoid CONFUSING [mix up] JESUS with THE MISERABLE MAN, who represent [ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا ] ... Das Kreuz? Das ist, auf alle fälle, nicht für Jesus! ... Gott hat es zu JESUS' BESTEN gefügt! ... "BEHOLD THE MAN" needs NO EXPLANATIONS! ⇒ IT'S SELF EVIDENT! ... IT'S EVIDENTLY THE PORTRAIT OF THE FORGETFUL!=THE MAN (in arabic) ... man is in'sān in arabic! ... NOT FOR NOTHING DID GOD WARN OF THAT ⇒ NICHT UMSONST HAT UNS GOTT DAVOR GEWARNT! ... GOD POINTED OUT THE WRETCHED END OF THE DAMNED! ⇒ BUT THE MESSAGE CONVEYED NOTHING WHATEVER TO MOST PEOPLE! ... OUR PREDECESSOR DID NOT UNDERSTAND IT! ⇒ BUT IT ALL MAKES SENSE TO US NOW! ... JESUS' FOLLOWERS cling to THE UNDERSTANDING! ⇒ In doing so, they dissociate themselves from inconsistencies and keep away (sich fernhalten) from MISTAKES and CONTRADICTIONS ... ... In doing so, [Jesus' Followers] become unbeatable! unbesiegbar! [إنه ليس له سلطان على الذين آمنوا وعلى ربهم يتوكلون] ⇒ because their Antagonist has no power [سلطان], over them! ⇒ Our real enemy is our stupidity ⇒ If we get rid of our own Stupidity, The Antagonist will have no power over us! ... ... [al donya] is derived from [da-na] = to become lower and near, niederig werden ⇒ inferring to be inferior! von geringem Rang! ... as opposed to HEAVEN, which is high ⇒ hence superior! ⇒ von hohem Rang! ... God make known that Jesus is WAGIH in [Al DONYA and in THE HEREAFTER] = [وَجِيهًا فِي الدُّنْيَا وَالآخِرَةِ] ... ... Consequently God sets Jesus as Wagih, on THE WHOLE [=the present and the future] ... God make known His COMPREHENSIVE VIEW, Seine GESAMT-ÜBERSICHT, Seine TOTAL-ANSICHT ⇒ God considers Jesus as a whole Wagih! or [GLOBAL WAGIH] ... [الدُّنْيَا وَالآخِرَةِ] ⇒ God places AL DONYA and AL AXIRA, next to each other! side by side! ... [الدُّنْيَا] and [الآخِرَةِ] are placed side by side! They are tied up, linked, with each other! ils sont accolés ensemble! --> In doing so, a reciprocal relationship between [wagih fid-donya] and [wagih fil-axira] may be inferred! ⇒ We are led to envisage such a relationship! Wir fühlen uns veranlaßt, ins Auge zu fassen, und sich vor zu stellen, daß es gibt eine solche Beziehung, zwischen [الدُّنْيَا] und [الآخِرَةِ] ... Consequently [GOTTES GESAMT-PLAN for MANKIND], will include JESUS as A GLOBAL WAGIH, as well in HEAVEN, as on EARTH! ... Jesus will be therefore a [TOTAL-WAGIH], ebenfalls im HIMMEL, als auch auf ERDEN! ... Commonly held, Things in al axira [in The hereafter, inferring in Heaven ] are supposed to be superior, prodigious and extraordinary, contrasting with Things on Earth, in [al donya] ⇒ thus [wagih fil-axira] suggest thus a strangeness [eine Sonderbarkeit], that surpass our usual powers of imagination [unseres Vorstellungs-vermögen]! ... ... Therefore THE ADJUNCTION (die bei-ordnung), of [wagih fiddonya] to [wagih fil-axira], may allude that THE IMPORTANCE of [wagih fiddonya] is to equate [gleich-zu-stellen], with THE IMPORTANCE of [wagih fil-axira]! ... [wagih fiddonya] would thus acquire A SIGNIFICANCE, that goes beyond [the ordinary acceptation] of the word "wagih" ... The meaning of [wagih fiddonya] would acquire thereby (dabei) an importance, that goes beyond the importance of the appellation wagih, [without an adjunct], that God accorded to Moses ... ... “Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.” W. Clement Stone ... Castaneda: ["You told me that that monster was going to devour me. How could you have lied to me like that?"don Juan shouted at him."Being devoured by that monster was symbolic," the nagual Julian replied softly. "Your real enemy is your stupidity. You are in mortal danger of being devoured by that monster now."] ... ... Adam tried to become a [son of god] ⇒ Adam tried to be independent from God ... Adam endeavored to be free from God! ... [Adam rebelled against God] and [Adam had rejected the conditions of subordinate to God]! ... Adam will keiner [höheren macht] unterlegen sein! ... It was a trap set for him by [der Missgönner]! ... Adam walked into the trap! ... Adam asked God for a Pardon ⇒ And he succeeded in winning a Pardon ⇒ ADAM became WISE! ... Now, Adam thinks ⇒ IT'S NO USE TRYING TO BE INDEPENDANT FROM GOD! [=IT IS NO USE TO BE A SON OF GOD] ... SOMEONE WHO IS WISE ENOUGH, WILL NOT TRY TO BECOME INDEPENDENT FROM GOD! ⇒ THUS JESUS IS NOT SO STUPID TO STRIVE TO BECOME A [SON OF GOD] ⇒ that is, [SOMEONE imbued with SELF-IMPORTANCE]! ... Because "FATHER" refer only to THE FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE OF JESUS! ... Thus the expression: [GOD is A FATHER] doesn't insinuate that we owe God a [debt of Parenthood]! ⇒ But that we owe God a [debt of gratitude] ⇒ we are grateful to God! ... ... [GOD, THE PARENTLESS] is completely independent and has no need of anything outside of Himself! ... ... Thus JESUS NEVER SAID : I'AM "SON OF GOD"! ⇒ Jesus NEVER uttered such nonsense! JAMAIS! NIEMALS! ... ... [passen]= sich eignen, recht sein, to fit, to suit ... ... JESUS and CROSS sind konträr! oppositionell! unvereinbar! verschieden! einander ausschließend! nicht vereinbar! widersprüchlich! folgewidrig! unlogisch! ... In one word, JESUS and CROSS passen NICHT ZUEINANDER! ... DAS IST JA GROBER UNFUG, UNSINN, VERBLENDUNG! ⇒ THAT IS NONSENSE! ... A NONSENSE, that originate from LACK OF UNDERSTANDING! ... THE WAY OF THE BLIND [وَمَن كَانَ فِي هَذِهِ أَعْمَى], DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! ⇒ Es ergibt einfach keinen Sinn! ... CROSS infer PUNISHMENT, AVENGING, THIRST, GROLL, MALEDICTION, which had developed from THE BAD SEED! ... Compare with ⇒ Jesus' words to Saint Paul (c. AD 5 – c. AD 67)]: Es wird dir schwer sein, wider den Stachel zu löcken! ... And Jesus' words to The disciple (identified in the Gospel of John as Simon Peter John 18:11): All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword! ... ... IT'S THE SON OF MAN, WHO SOWS THE GOOD SEED, hence HAPPINESS! ... Consequently It's [THE BAD SEED= THE SON OF GOD], who sow THE SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION, qui sème LA DESTRUCTION! ... JESUS accompanied, verbindet, HAPPINESS with, mit, THE SON OF MAN ... Thus JESUS had accompanied, verbindet, HIS ADVICE with THE SON OF MAN --> It follows that GOD'S INTENT accompany solely THE SON OF MAN! ... THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE REMARK OF JESUS, DIE TRAGWEITE VON SEINER BEMERKUNG, have a crucial, a decisive influence! ⇒ HAPPINESS accompany THE SON OF MAN! ... HAPPINESS does not accompany THE SON OF GOD! ⇒ To the contrary, GOD'S ANGER, GROLL, UNWILLE may very likely accompany "The sons of gods"! ... simple! logical! ... Thus CROSS and MISERY go together! ⇒ Because they are closely connected with THE SON OF GOD, who favors The development into WRETCHEDNESS, DAS ELEND, that is, into MISERY, THIRST, AVENGING, PUNISHMENT ⇒ in one word into MALEDICTION! ... To the contrary, FISH and REJOICING go together! ⇒ Because they are closely connected with THE SON OF MAN! ... Because THE FISH and THE SON OF MAN are linked with [THE GOOD SEED], who favors The development into LE PAIN DE LA VIE, that is, into HAPPINESS, REJOICING, SATIETY, WOHL-LEBEN, GLÜCK ⇒ in one word into BENEDICTION! ... ... SON OF MAN is consequently CELESTIAL! DIVINE! ⇒ Because every "good thing" comes solely from God! ... Similarly THE ROAD [al sabīl] is equally CELESTIAL! IMMATERIAL! SPIRITUAL! UNWORLDLY! INTANGIBLE! ⇒ Because only God is The real Guide! ... IS THAT SO? ... INDEED, NOT FOR NOTHING, JESUS [=MIN'ALLAH], WAS CALLED THE WISEST MAN OF THE WORLD! ... It's through CORRECT UNDERSTANDING, that we discern THE DIFFERENCE between RIGHT and WRONG, between [LE PAIN DE LA VIE] and [THE SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION] ... Indeed [CORRECT UNDERSTANDING, GOOD SENSE and LOGIC] don't warrant ( justify, rechtfertigen ) THE CROSS used as A SYMBOL, that refer to JESUS THE MESSIAH ... because we refer to GOD, as representing THE GOOD, THE BLESSEDNESS =[die Seligkeit, Bliss, Glücksgefühl, Happiness], THE GOODLUCK, THE HOPE! ... True—or Not? ... We don't refer to GOD as representing THE DAMNATION, THE MISFORTUNE, THE CATASTROPHE, THE CALAMITY, THE DISASTER, THE DESPAIR! ... True—or Not? ... Thus we don't put together or mix up [ THE PERSON of GOD ] with [ PERSONS of DESPERADO, WRETCHED, DAMNED PEOPLE ] ... That is, we don't put GOD with those, who had lost GOD'S GRACE, those abandoned by God, for ever and ever! ... We don't put together, zusammen-stellen, [ DIE PERSON GOTT ] mit denen, von Gott verlassen, für immer und ewig!? --> Metaphorically speaking, [divorced] persons are irreconcilable, konträr, oppositionell, unvereinbar, verschieden, einander ausschließend, nicht vereinbar! ... simple! ... Logical! ⇒ for! denn! DIE BEZIEHUNGEN, mit denen sich DIE LOGIC beschäftigt, kommen überall in der NATUR vor! ... [GOD, who is a just JUDGE] and [THE LIIFE of JESUS, which had been examplary, vorbildlich,musterhaft,mustergültig ] should be put together! ... On the contrary, we don't put [GOD] with [THE WICKED, LE VILAIN, Die BÖSEN] together! ... DEDUCTIVE REASONING is reasoning that literally (de + duco) leads out of someting ⇒ It is reasoning from CAUSE to EFFECT ... GOD would not abandon someone UNJUSTTIFIEDLY! UNBERECHTIGTER-WEISE! ⇒ because GOD is simply A JUST GOD! ... Consequently THE PERSON, who said to God :" WHY DID YOU ABANDON ME!" would personate certainly [ THE WICKED - LE VILAIN ], who is despaired of [ GOD'S GRACE ], hence A DESPERADO! ⇒ Otherwise GOD would be no longer A JUST GOD! ... But sufficient evidence has been gathered, in the numerous stories of the Prophets, in [The Bible, The Torah, The Evangile and The Quran] ⇒ which attest of THE CORRECTNESS of GOD'S ATTRIBUTS! ⇒ [These stories of The Prophets] corroborate the fact that God is a just Judge! ... The supposition that GOD WOULD BE UNJUST is thus proved to be thereby [=dadurch] completely WRONG! FALSCH! ... ... THE FISH SYMBOL serves therefore to give us a closer look and a realistic description, that fits THE LIFE OF THE WISEST MAN OF THE WORLD, who had been magnificently gratified by God! ... as opposed to ... THE CROSS SYMBOL, which fits The description of THE LIFE of A DESPERADO, A MISERABLE, whose [wretched end] is to impute to IDIOCY and IGNORANCE! ... Thus ⇒ THROUGH THE FISH SYMBOL, WE GET A SALUTARY INSIGHT into THE TRUE MEANING of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST! ... Thus looking at "the passion of the christ" again, a second time, ( auf den zweiten Blick ), we capture its true Meaning! ⇒ we become aware of its real Meaning! ... "passion" erweist sich als [ein falsches Wort]! ... "passion" ist [ein falsch gewähltes Wort]! [eine verkehrte Bezeichnung], die UNTERSUCHUNGEN fehlleitet! ... "passion" turn out to be [a false name] ... "passion" is [a wrong, perverse, absurd designation] that EXAMINATIONS AND ENQUIRIES, misguide, mislead! ... Und in eine Sackgasse oder zu falschen Schlüssen führen kann ... because, weil ( the word "passion" ) die Gedanken der Gelehrten, ( of the experts ), in eine verkehrte Richtung lenkt! ... Those who devised ( ersinnen ) the word: "Passion", were not sensible people ⇒ Sie waren nicht Gescheit ⇒ nicht vernünftig! ⇒ nicht verständig urteilend ⇒ lack of understanding! ... "Passion" ist kein gescheiter Einfall! ... Those who devised the word "Passion", sind wohl nicht gescheit! ... Sie waren wohl nicht bei der Verstand gewesen! ... but ⇒ Der Mensch denkt, Gott lenkt! ... man proposes, but God dispose! ... homo proponit sed deus disponit! ... therefore RETOUR à la case départ! ... BACK TO THE FISH ... Bon Appétit! ... Mit anderen Worten, we don't equate, gleich-stellen, DAS STREBEN NACH UNGLÜCK und DAS STREBEN NACH GLÜCK .. We don't put together FOOLISHNESS and WISDOM .. We don't put together MISERY and BLESSEDNESS! .. And we don't put together a "Hudibras" and a "Wagih" .. The Religion of Hudibras .. .. Zachary Grey: Colloquially, a "calf" means a stupid person, a dolt; a "rook", a rapacious fellow, a cheat .. Hudibras by Samuel Butler, Zachary Grey .. .. arabic [Hudi] refer to (Hidaya = Guidance)? .. french [bras] refer to [arm], hence alluding to [Force] .. So Hudibra would be compelling People (through use of Force) to submit to his doctrines and viewpoints in religion .. Decide all controversies by infallible artillery; And prove their doctrine orthodox by apostolic blows and knocks .. So it results (from the interaction of Moses with the Samaritan) that A WAGIH turn to be the very opposite of A HUDIBRAS.

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