Lost words

Caylee's Ride

Thursday, 11 August 2011, 9:13 AM

Sometimes people happen into our lives, and like a flash of light, they are gone.. yet what they leave behind in our memories changes us. This girl was one of those people..

I never knew Caylee Anthony, only the picture of the beautiful little girl who showed so much to live for. To look at her, you would believe every tomorrow was going to embrace her, unlike the pictures of the starving children in third world countries who have hunger in their eyes, Caylee was a beautiful child who gave her grandparents, George and Cindy, reasons to smile and laugh. Her Mother, Casey, I honestly believe loved her but..
three years ago something went wrong for Caylee..

I'm not going to debate anyones guilt here,

in the end, the result is that Caylee's body was found in a bag in a ditch only a mile away from George and Cindy's Orlando, Florida home.

We all know the story..

the last time anyone say Caylee was June 16 2008. Casey took her and went to stay with friends, not returning for a month, in which time Cindy and George tried to see Caylee but Casey kept telling her she was with a babysitter. Then on July 15th, Cindy couldn't take any more of Casey's answers so she called the police and only then did Casey admit to the child being missing.

In that month, Casey had spent time with her boyfriend, she got a tattoo that says "Bella Vita" (beautiful life), and she entered a wet t-shirt contest.. these actions, plus having an auto trunk that smelled of human decomposition, would two years later turn the public against her..

It was in this time that Casey, and her parents, went on television begging for whoever has her child (a babysitter that it turns out didn't exist) to return her safely. When the police started their investigation, they found out right away the babysitter never existed nor did the job Casey claimed she was working..

The sad thing is, while this was playing out on television.. Caylee was already dead and laying in a ditch. Overlooked by searchers in July but she would be discovered in December. Searchers claimed they missed seeing her before because the water level in the ditch was high..

Casey spends all of 2009 in jail and this is when her relationship with her parents breaks down.. They don't know what to believe anymore, they don't want to think her daughter murdered her child but..

Lets skip ahead to the trial.. what defense will Casey's team use?

Her NEW story is.. #1- my dad sexually abused me all my life and so did my brother.. #2- Caylee drowned in my parents swimming pool back in June and my dad helped me cover it up..

George Anthony was a police officer, everyone who knows him well (and that is alot of people) say there is no basis to Casey's claims. How must he feel to have his own daughter, on national tv, say something like that?

and how, even if it were true, would it explain what happened to Caylee and the previous stories Casey has told.

What it did do, apparently, is give the jurors reason to doubt the prosecutions case.. They can't say without a doubt that Casey had anything to do with Caylee's murder..

so they found Casey innocent.. shocking a nation into disbelief.. I, myself, never even thought for a second they would let her go, she admitted into covering up her own daughters death..

but as I said earlier, this isn't about Casey's innocence or guilt.. all I have written are the facts as they happened. The jury found Casey Anthony innocent so today she is in hiding (afraid for her life) and millions of people feel like Caylee will never find justice..

so they want to build Caylee a memorial in the wooded area where her remains were found..

yes, finally I get to the whole reason for this entry.. how should we memorialize Caylee?

The people around the wooded area, and the entire neighbor hood George and Cindy still live in, do NOT want something like this that will draw in strangers into their neighborhood who just want to "sight-see".

and I believe they are right.. what good is glamorizing the area where her body was found. To me, it makes more sense to name a ride at Disney after Caylee.. Something where children, like Caylee, can laugh and enjoy themselves.

I know, people at Disney would need to get behind it (and I'm sure they would if there were money to be made) but considering Disney is inside of 20 miles from where all this happened.. For once, Disney could give back to the community and help other children.

I also think Disney should take all money made from Caylee's Ride and invest it in a program to help children who are abused and neglected.. if they are concerned about the "bottom line", they can always write it off on their taxxes..

maybe, somewhere in the future.. children will laugh and play while learning a little bit about a little girl who stopped laughing far to soon.

Rest in Peace, Caylee.

~ Daniel

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PostPosted: Sunday, 04 September 2011, 17:53 PM    Post subject:    

I live around 50 miles north of Orlando.. I'm not exactly sure where Caylee lived and died but I'm sure I've been with-in 10 miles of it..

Caylee's story doesn't have to be told by Disney, or at least not the details.. but I think like the "Amber Alerts", naming something after a child that helps other children is a win/win situation.

All children need to know is a little girl named Caylee loved this type of ride and she wants you to enjoy it as well.. and what's important is Disney could take the money the ride generates and put it back in to help find missing children, or abused children..

thanks Jan.. I really am happy you still read my blog.

~ Daniel
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PostPosted: Sunday, 08 January 2012, 9:47 AM    Post subject:    

Such a heart-wrenching story, Daniel!!! You have a tender heart. Thanks for writing it!!!!

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