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The Politics of Anger

Sunday, 19 September 2010, 7:20 AM

We're all bozos on the bus, so we might as well sit back and enjoy the ride.
-Wavy Gravy

There has been a disturbing trend in the last twenty years that started with the proliferation of email. This trend hides under the guise of politics. This trend has served to polarize us into a nation colored red or blue. (on a side note, how did Republicans end up being red? I have to wonder if the communists are upset that they've lost their color.) This trend has served to escalate anger and to minimize rational discussion.

This trend is what I call the Politics of Anger. You've been exposed to it if you have an email address, read Face Book, and/or peruse political blogs from time to time. The story about Obama not being a natural citizen is a fine example. I'm not going to take sides on that argument, but simply point out that I have seen very little hard evidence on either side. Mostly, I see angry rhetoric thrown back and forth along with personal insults and epitaphs disparaging the intelligence of the other side.

I don't blame the internet for this; the internet has allowed us to inform one another on how we feel about anything we want to express. It is an open forum filled with so much information no one person could ever absorb even ten percent of it.

I don't blame the current political parties for this anger either. They are what they are, and I say that with the most pontifical attitude I can convey as I couldn't really begin to explain what they really are. I'm not sure I really would want to. But I digress...

The blame for this anger can mostly be lain at the feet of leisure I think. We've become the product of all the sweat, blood, and toil of our ancestors who continually worked hard for the future of their children. Well, welcome to that future. We live in such luxury that we no longer tolerate anything that appears to be hard work; like researching an argument. It is much easier, and to some, perhaps more satisfying to type out angry retorts to views opposite of those we hold. It is as if the last angry post is going to win. God help you if you try topping me!

I read a blog the other day disparaging Obama's politics. There were several accusations made and I really won't go into them here. The replies were both for and against, but after reading thirty or so, I did not find one reply against that gave any sort of thought out argument refuting the accusations. Every one of them was simply an angry retort or personal attack on the blogger.

On Face Book, an apparent democrat posted a picture of a group of people holding signs on which were written epitaphs dealing with the question of Obama's citizenship. Someone posted that the 'lily white' crowd in the picture must all be bigots. I was taken aback, and looked closer at the picture. Yes they were all white, and yes Obama has some African heritage in him, but I saw nothing to indicate that these people thought Obama was unfit for his job because he was black. They were angry because a Democrat was President; it could have been a white guy and the only thing that would've changed in the picture was the face on their placards.

The problem has reached the point where we no longer listen very well at all. We simply hurl shit at each other in the hopes that whoever ends up the stinkiest is the loser. This, I think, was a great tactic for our hominid ancestors in protecting their territory, but looks rather foolish when done by supposed grown ups of the modern world, or maybe the problem is that they are too grown up? Do we take ourselves too seriously?

I remember a comedy group who did bits of absurd humor called Firesign Theater. They had an album called “I think we're all Bozo's on this Bus”. I think we all need to remember that. I believe that in the grand scheme of the Universe, how much shit you can throw on your opponent doesn't really count for much at all. It might get your enemy to stink, but in the process you won't be able to avoid getting some on yourself.

The Universe is some 2 billion years old, or something like that. That is 1,000 times older than the entire human race, right back to our earliest ancestors who hurled shit at one another to delineate and protect their turf. Given this humbling fact, is spreading shit that much better than spreading laughter? Which will be remembered?

I think it's time to start handing out big red noses and floppy shoes and to start taking ourselves a little less seriously. We need to take our opponent's viewpoints with a little more salt. I suggest that next time an opposing viewpoint really makes you upset, try making your enemy laugh rather than cover them in shit.

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The principles in the regulation of hashish use range from state to state as an example California has legalized using cannabis for both leisure and medical purposes versus different states that solely permit
medical, and others that don't enable the usage
of the medication at all. The Las Vegas Sun studies that the doing so will
eliminate the necessity for patients to make trips to
a Department of Motor Automobiles branch and a Division of Public and
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or him.

The government supplies a cannabis card service called the Medical Marijuana
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information are strictly confidential. Please be certain to examine your spam folder in the event you do not obtain it
in your inbox. Should you want a caregiver make sure
you request a caregivers packet when making use of for your Nevada Medical
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Now, sufferers can get hold of both new suggestions and renewals online.

Get hold of Your California medical marijuana card recommendation. Simply print your recommendation or provide the digital copy to your local dispensary.
With these state enactments, physicians, surgeons,
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it is not federally authorized to prescribe_
cannabis, this advice is the state-extensive, authorities-approved
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By the time I drank half a large coffee, I had
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If your utility for your Nevada Medical Marijuana Card is denied, you possibly can re-apply after six (6) months have handed for the reason that date your application was denied.
This system is in compliance for approving completed functions and printing and mailing
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This iframe comprises the logic required to handle AJAX powered
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hours making an appointment, traveling to a physician's office and waiting for a consultation.
Sign up and reply the questions supplied on the online type
to determine if Medical Marijuana is a really useful treatment.

To verify a affected person's legal standing, a affected
person ID quantity is provided on the cardboard, together
with a cellphone quantity and website that dispensaries and
regulation enforcement can contact instead of using the general public database on the Department of Public Well being's web site.

Begins a Misplaced/Stolen Patient Utility for a Medical Marijuana Registry Identification card.
Sure, a Las Vegas Marijuana Physician can advocate the use of medical marijuana for a
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The physician's approval can be scanned and uploaded to submit with the appliance.
I received my recommendation on-line this December, they're
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all at 420EvaluationsOnline. Your medical health insurance
company, employer, or any other entity doesn't have access to this info.
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consent kind is needed.

Recommendation issued at physician's discretion, should have legitimate medical cause for issuance.
Simply acquired my advice from 420EvaluationsOnline at the moment, I wish every little thing was this straightforward.
The times when you would sit at the ready bench for half-hour earlier than seeing a
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Be certain that your utility is complete and that you're submitting all required info.

Come see us at the moment so we can help discover you a caregiver or
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Going digital: Nevada medical marijuana patients can now apply on-line for MMJ playing cards.
Should you're a San Diego resident, unrivaled access to
medical marijuana through NuggMD places you nicely ahead of the curve.
After a speedy evaluation, they're going to have their hashish
advice fully renewed and mailed out the same day (along with a temporary PDF copy which becomes
obtainable immediately through electronic mail). PureCannMD has a workforce of California licensed doctors who are compassionate in direction of California medical cannabis patients.
The net medical cards renewal CALIFORNIA additionally enables
the patients to obtain a 420 analysis in CALIFORNIA, get a web based medical
card new patient, or medical card renewal online from any doctor's workplace.

After you schedule your appointment, you can be evaluated by a compassionate
and effectively certified doctor that understands the benefits of recommending medical marijuana on your situation. With
the new workplace, medical marijuana cardholders might submit their
purposes and doctor's notes and have their paperwork approved and submitted on the identical
day. You'll be able to call the Nevada State Well being Division on the
following number in case you have further questions: 777-687-7594.

Once a Las Vegas Medical Marijuana doctor and the state approve your caregiver, they cannot act as
a caregiver for any other sufferers in the Nevada Medical Marijuana Card

A patient who's a Veteran and a medical
hashish patient, however does not have their Veteran status registered with the IDPH,
will not be eligible for reduced renewal fees. CONTINUOUSLY
ASKED QUESTIONS ON ON-LINE 420 EVALUATIONS. The physician provides you with a free analysis to see should you
qualify. In an effort to apply for a registration payment waiver, you could submit proof of verified
monetary hardship. Gone are the times of ready twenty minutes in an office, solely to be taken to a unique, smaller room to wait another half hour, until finally
seeing a doctor. The last day patients might go to a Nevada Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office to course of medical marijuana playing cards was Thursday,
August eleven, 2016.

Identical to paperwork at another doctor's workplace, your
time with our doctors shall be personal and guarded. FREE analysis within the occasion that you're not permitted.
When Proposition 215 and the California Senate Invoice 420
had been established within the state of California, all medical doctors with a California medical board license grew to
become capable of advocate marijuana for medical use to any sufferers suffering from medical situations which can be treatable
with cannabis. Get Your Medical Marijuana Card
in San Diego one hundred% On-line By means of NuggMD. So
now those in Southern California may get a medical marijuana card over the cellphone inside minutes, too.

As soon as you identify that you've one of many above listed debilitating situations
and decided you need to turn out to be a medical marijuana patient in Nevada, the following step is to obtain and
fill out your software form. costs $forty nine
for brand new recommendations and renewals ( But you can get it
for $39 here ) - and the company expeditiously emails a temporary recommendation to patients along with mailing everlasting recommendations to sufferers within a
couple of days. Simply be sure you examine the terms of
service, and make the most of the companies' dwell chat characteristic, to make certain it could possibly connect patients with medical doctors in your area.

Patient Software: You'll need to submit an updated affected person application , using
the identical type you accomplished in your preliminary medical card.
On-line: As soon as your credential is renewed, the up to date information will present on our provider/facility search.
I like people that do a fantastic job, like MMJDOCTORONLINE.
Medical doctors and physicians situation these
prop 215 recommendations in lieu of a writing a prescription, since marijuana just isn't federally authorized.
Once the physician approves your evaluation, which occurs immediately, you'll obtain an email.
PAN is a ten digit alpha numeric quantity, unique to a selected individual, allotted by the Revenue Tax Division on an application made by
the individual.

You don't have to make an appointment nor do it's important to journey or name anyone.
Tucson Marijuana Card Renewal workers will help within the on-line submittal course of for
all new and renewing patients and cargivers cards after
your your doctors go to at no further charge. Yearly suggestions make sure that sufferers adhere to this regulatory requirement, as it forces them to visit their physicians with a purpose to renew their
playing cards. The law of the non-resident's dwelling state requires that physicians advise patients that medical marijuana use might assist their symptoms as
a precondition to the state issuing sufferers a medical marijuana card.

This truly permits patients, who cannot afford a
lot movement, to remain at home and domesticate
their very own drugs completely legally! This authorities program assigns
and registers a affected person's ID # to the California Department of
Public Health database and permits for each dispensaries and regulation enforcement to easily search for a affected person and verify
their paperwork. However, not all medical doctors are knowledgeable in regards
to the medical use of hashish. There are numerous qualifying
situations that our doctors can assess to get you the help you want.
I went to my doctor's workplace to search out out if Marijuana
could help my Migraine and perhaps get some.

Dr. Inexperienced Reduction Las Vegas Marijuana Docs recommend holding your healthcare
info personal. You will receive electronic mail notification once your
application has been accepted. Eazemd is an effective way to quickly and affordabably consult with a physician to see should you
qualify for mmj in ca! First, earlier than you'll be able to renew your
registration with the state, that you must test
your medical certification. To be clear, registry playing cards cannot be renewed on-line.

Upon approval, you will obtain a digital copy of your Medical Cannabis Advice immediately, and
official copy by mail in 1-3 enterprise days. If the Nevada State Health Division has ever
previously prohibited you from ever acquiring a Registry Identification Card.

Priceless Evaluations introducing Safety Plan for the medical marijuana sufferers.
We don't report patient names or information of any variety to any state or federal government agency, employers, or insurance coverage
firms. Finally, you're delivered to the step to pick which
bundle to purchase, either simply your physician's recommendation letter (which is all you legally
need to point out to get entry to medical marijuana dispensaries), or the second bundle choice which incorporates an extra pockets sized ID card that can be utilized for repeat visits to dispensaries.
It's no surprise only about 7,100 ID playing cards have been issued in California annually since voters first authorized medical marijuana use in 1996, in line with the California Department of Public Health.
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