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Tuesday, 22 January 2008, 22:56 PM

I was born into the elfin world of Erindale. A world of magic and sorcery. It was a time of great tribulation, for me and my uncle, the Earl of Dore.

Uncle Esmond was not a bad person by nature. Most elves weren't evil. But if you crossed us, we did fight back.

My trials began at the age of eight. My name is Archere and my life was not easy. From that age onward I was fighting with my people against the dreaded Brags, a shape shifting goblin.

I remember the death of my mother. It was on the Lindendale meadow As an archer and swordsman I was expected to lead the charge into that cess pool of goblins. What a fight that was. My uncle at the top of the hill. Exhorting us forward, not more than 3 fendals from the knoll our forces were on.

The sun had risen in the bethern. Uncle Dore told us no one moves till it crosses the sky into ardern. Then we move.

The day was crisp and clear, the meadow lightly covered in a mist. A scent of grass and sweet aroma of warren flowers wafted through the entire meadow. The woods behind the meadow made a deep contrast against the green. The tear drop clustered leaves of the trees shimmered in that gentle breeze.

On the meadow stood a flaggard of brag, Shimmering in their own manner of evil. They had decimated the hamlet of Groden. Every man, women, child and animal were slaughtered, the dwellings were burned to the ground. We were fifty farndels from Erindale and uncle Dore was determined not to have the same fate fall upon Erindale.

Wittahere our Guardsman Instructor stood by me. He was in his guardsman regalia. Elves did not go in for show, but on him, his simple elfin blue shirt and trousers stood out. His white hair flowed like the mane of a joren. Whittahere looked up towards the hill at my uncle Esmond. Even though far away I believe they could see each other for Whittahere nodded.

“Boy,” Whittahere said. Gird yourself this day. The brag are not easy to defeat.” I was not afraid, but I was concerned about the brag piercing our flanks and moving onto Erindale.

At the top of the hill my uncle gave the signal for his archers near by. Three arrows on fire left the hill, the signal for us to advance.

Slowly we went into the sweet smell of grasses, into what was soon to be a killing meadow.

My sword arm was covered in mesh, I took my sword given to me by Wittahere ,my bow along with my quiver of arrows slung on my back.

We moved in a flank four abreast fifty to each flank separated by three dendals.

Too soon we were fighting, my back against Whittahere’s back, slashing and cutting our way into the brags army.

It was a little afterward that a spear, thrown by a goblin, tore through my mothers white battle robe, ripping through her bosom and buried deep into her heart. I ran, slashing my way towards her.

I knelt before her. My mothers blood soaking the meadows grass. The scent of death was upon lingering near. Her white battle robe, now soaked in her blood. I took her in my arms. “Whittahere”, I screamed! “Oh by the name of Avachel I shall put this pestilence out!”

She smiled up at me, held her hand out to me. I took it in my hand. Her hand was turning cold.

"My beautiful boy. Do not grieve for me, for I shall be with you always. Obey your Uncle Esmond. For you are destined for greater things." She heaved, as her breathing became labored.

She looked deep into my eyes. Eyes that were sad yet happy. “Archere you are so good to me. I am sorry I forbid you your treat of ganish yesterday. You so loved it.” A smile came to her face. "I remember when you were a baby and curled your toes!" She took a breath, then died.

“No! No! Avachel!”, I screamed.

If she had said that with my friends present I would have been embarrassed beyond reason. But with those words she imparted more as my mother than anything else she could have said.

I laid her hand gently across her bosom, the bosom which nurtured me as an infant. A peace overcame me. Silence all around me. Things moved in slow motion. I felt a breeze on my cheek, a restless stirring of things I could not fanthom. I thrust my sword deep into the ground and unslung my bow. I had thirty quill, all fletched by me. I started to notch my first of many arrows.

Each one found their mark. Over and over again. Each taking down a Brag. Their blood now ran onto the meadow. Their screams came as terror at their deaths. Out of arrows, I grabbed my sword from the blood soaked ground and gave a shrill elfin scream and went into battle. “Shevarash stay with me this day avenge me, avenge my mother, avenge us.”

When it was over we had lost one third of our people to this battle. Wittarhere went to each and every Brag and slit their throats. It was grisly work.

I returned to my mothers cold body. Uncle Esmond was there already invoking the name of Shevarash. He took me in his arms and let me settle down. The anger in me burned as if in a swordsman's forge.

Silently he motioned to some elves in arms and three on each side lifted my mothers body. Uncle Esmond walked in front of the procession. I walked behind, thinking of my mother's last words.

How like her to remember the small things about me in her last moments of life while death surrounded us both. We had a funeral pyre for her that evening.

It was now time to align ourselves with humans. We had hidden from them. Stories circulated among their people about elves living in the forest. This was whispered by elves that dressed as humans and perpetuated a fantasy about us.

Now was the time to tell the truth. But we had to be careful. Uncle Esmond wasn't going to just walk into a hamlet and tell all. No, he was going to go to the king of this country. Aethelhard would lead four not including me, into this world of humans. It would be risky. The next battle with the brags would not be as gentle, with us or the humans.

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