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Living in France

Saturday, 02 September 2006, 8:27 AM

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For 6 years now, I have lived in the central European Country, France.
When I first moved here I was rather excited by the prospect of discovering and learning as much about my new home as possible.
The first problem I faced was the language barrier. Fortunately my partner at the time was French so she was a big help.
The second problem was to obtain the "carte des sejours" which is a bit like a working permit. Being English this didn't cause too many difficulties, except for the fact that they asked me for documents that I either didn't have or don't exist in England. Once the administrative work was completed I could finally relax and learn about this country.

France is a very beautiful place to visit, with changing landscapes and climates. There is everything from green fields to snow capped mountains.Basically something for everyone. Every region has it's speciality, whether it being cheese or wine. The only problem though is the culture.

They seem to be looked in a time zone. For some they are still living in occupied France and others can't see beyond their noses. Nothing moves here. The world is adapting to change. Economies are developing in under developed countries. New threats are coming from the Asian industrial community and the French are just standing still.

It's difficult to understand why the French people are so scared of change but you only have to read the newspapers to find evidence of this. For example... A few months ago, the Gouvernment tried to introduce a new contract which would allow companies to employ people who have just finished their studies. The policy gave the power to employers to take somebody on with a two year trial period which would allow enough time for both parties to decide if the association was beneficial in regards to , work done and the ecconomic situation.
The French people refused and the policy was not accepted. Except that the policy has already been in place for several years but under a different name and they didn't even realise this.And this is just one example.

But don't get me wrong. France is a wonderful country apart from the political side. And the people are generally quite nice, just not very open minded.

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