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That Old Flag

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PostPosted: Tuesday, 24 March 2015, 20:47 PM    Post subject: That Old Flag Reply with quote

That Old Flag

That old flag
It stands out there alone
Nothing else in that field
Except, it and a tombstone

They have been there
For quite a few years
When the rains come down
That flag drops her tears

It flaps there in the wind
Though no one visits the grave
He was one of so many
That so proudly gave

He was buried there
Right there on his farm
Like he told so many,before,
He lost his life in arms

When the snows move in
The tombstone,or,flag can not be seen
For, they will buried there
Under that glistening snow gleem

They say he was a good man
So proud of the uniform he wore
But, came back in pieces
From that so distant shore

Few hardly even knew him
He stayed much to himself,you see
Just farming his piece of land
Then went to war to keep it free

So, that old flag salutes him
Everytime the winds do blow
Then drips tears with each rain
And stands by him with each snow

There are so many out there
That don't know about his kind
So I thought I'd bring him up
As all of this comes to mind

Someone needs to take care of
The graves of those that gave
No matter if in Arlington
Or, way off in a distant grave

Written 3/24/2015 by Norman Hale Jr.

I didn't say I knew it all
I just said I know those that
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