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The Love Letter

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PostPosted: Sunday, 30 October 2016, 17:28 PM    Post subject: The Love Letter Reply with quote

The Love Letter

You wrote me a letter
To say that we were through
But, oh don't you know
I'm still in love with you

I look for you everywhere
Everywhere that I go
Though you're not here
My heart still loves you so

You could not tell me in person
You could not say it face-to-face
So as my heart cries out loud
I'm caught staring off into space

Your love will be right here
Always waiting for your return
The longer that it takes you
The more my heart does yearn

I will keep your letter
To my grave I will take
For I can't let go of this love
There is just too much here at stake

My arms need to hold you
Like my lips seek your kiss
I just thought you should know
It's you, I'll always miss

Yes you wrote me this letter
Oh so many years ago
But this love holds us together
Because I will always love you so

It is just this love
That drives me from day-to-day
Until you return to me, my love
Then I can celebrate that very day

Just a simple little letter
Saying that we are through
That you have found another
But, they can't love you the way I do

I will still love you
Beyond the end of time
After we reach eternity
Your love will still be mine


Written 10/31/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.

I didn't say I knew it all
I just said I know those that
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