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There She Is

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Wise Old Sage

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PostPosted: Sunday, 29 March 2015, 21:38 PM    Post subject: There She Is Reply with quote

There she is kneeling
By the edge of her bed
Crying and praying
While shaking her head

Praying for a true love
To come take her by the hand
And always be there with her
Should she need to make a stand

A prince on a white horse
Like they write in those books
With a heart full of love
And just the right looks

May his charms
Sweep her off her feet
May they dance in the rain
In the middle of the street

Her heart is full of pain
It can use lots of joy
She needs his heart to be true
And not from just any boy

She's kneeling right there
With a knife in her hand
Her heartaches are more
Than even she can stand

She thinks she'll end it
Then thinks of her family and friends
How many might miss her
Should she bring this to an end

She cries all by herself
But, she realy needs a shoulder
It is days like this
This world couldn't get any colder

No one knowes how much
She keeps bottled up inside
And she won't let it show
Because of some foolish pride

Lord, help her have strength
To pass your every test
She can surely use your help
Before you call her home to rest

Take away her pains Lord
Send a prince with a love filled heart
May their love last forever
And may their souls never part

wrote 5/24/2010 by Norman Hale Jr.

I didn't say I knew it all
I just said I know those that
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