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7 Seconds

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Sir Daniel

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PostPosted: Friday, 24 August 2012, 10:09 AM    Post subject: 7 Seconds Reply with quote

Three Teen-Age Girls Die While Crossing Train Tracks

The three teenage girls, along with a teenage boy, ignored "no trespassing" signs and walked out onto the railroad trestle Saturday evening in downtown Melbourne, Fla.,a city of about 77,000 nearly 50 miles southeast of Orlando. Onlookers yelled for the teens to run or jump into the slow-moving water of Crane Creek 20 feet below as the train approached, but only the boy made it off the 200-foot span.

It is estimated it took the train seven seconds to cross the bridge...

Seven Seconds

I light the smoke and wait,
I have carried this butt in my pocket for a while
Not sure how long,
Time has no value to me
I don't remember where I found it
It is good to forget.

The sun has faded
Darkness has always given me cover..

It's a perfect Florida evening,
I hear nothing but the wind and the birds
There is a man below the bridge fishing
I will see him again in eight years.

The railroad bridge is 200 feet long
I stand alone on the south side.

I close my eyes and let the wind blow through me
And once more I remember her..

Who was she?
Why does she haunt me?
Is she a ghost as well?

My thoughts are interrupted by laughter,
I can hear them walking on the tracks
One has a camera, she points it in my direction.
Another, the boy, tries to take it out of her hands
But she doesn't let him.

"Take a picture of me on the bridge!" he yells.
He runs forward, still with no idea I am watching
The girls, three in number, follow at a distance
Whispering a joke between themselves.

Being connected with nature,
I feel the first vibrations.
"You kids shouldn't be playing up there!" the fisherman yells
But they ignore him.
Laughter is their mood.
Youth is their right.

The boy is only 60 feet away from me
He poses for his picture, arms outstretched
Causing a round of giggles to go through the girls.

The vibrations are getting stronger
Soon they will take me.

"I dare you too look over the side" the youngest girl says
Her last words in life..
The boy laughs and glances off the side of the bridge
"Not unless...."
He stops mid sentence, the girls hardly notice
Something is wrong, his smile is replaced by concern.

He feels the vibrations.
The train is less than 500 feet away,
around the curve, about to enter the bridge.

"RUN!!" he screams.. "RUN, THERE IS A TRAIN!!"

In that instant, I feel the train hit me
Igniting that which is death
Into a momentary spark of life.

Seven seconds

The boy has run past them
Yet they stand still
Frozen in terror..

Four seconds
The oldest girl manages to scream
The fisherman drops his reel

Two seconds
The boy clears the bridge and jumps
The train has passed though me
I can feel the souls I am about to claim
Another girl manages to scream
The train applies it's brakes
They are mine...

Over the next three days,
Every inch of these tracks will be combed
People will look for answers
but find nothing but tears..

No one will notice the cigarette butt at the south end of the bridge
Except for a seagull
To whom I have sent to fetch it..

In memory of:Jennifer Reichert, Wraya Hadley and Ciara Lemn who died on Feb. 21 2010
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Janice J Kennedy

PostPosted: Friday, 24 August 2012, 19:47 PM    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, you are such an amazing writer, Daniel.

Thank you for posting this one, too. It really helped me,
see the other one more clearly. Take care my friend.

~ Hugs Jan icon_salut Applause wav Applause icon_salut

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PostPosted: Saturday, 25 August 2012, 6:44 AM    Post subject: Reply with quote

I remember this incident now. Thanks for posting it.


"Then he thinks he knows/ The hills where his life rose/ And the sea where it goes." from the "Buried Life" by Matthew Arnold
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