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~ Wake Up, America ~

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Janice J Kennedy

PostPosted: Saturday, 30 June 2012, 13:31 PM    Post subject: ~ Wake Up, America ~ Reply with quote

~ Wake Up, America ~

America, you have wandered from my will.
My children I love you so much, still.

Your willful stubbornness you need to yield.
Go back to my Word and let me be your shield.

Come back to me, where you belong,
that your faith may become strong.

Again you need to seek my loving face;
if you want to feel my mercy and grace.

It is time for you to slumber no more.
Wake up, hear the thunder of foreign war.

Do you want it within our own shore?
America, wake up and slumber no more.

You are one nation forever, under Me.
From treachery I can set you free.

The 2012 vote is really very near.
America, no longer live in fear.

You've been on the mountain for a while.
Towards my ways you have become hostile.

Back into the valley where you can mend,
where together we will walk as friends.

America, I want to bless you once more.
Your dignity and your honor restore.

America from my path you have roamed;
dear children of mine, come back home.

Wake up, before it becomes too late.
Tuesday, Nov. 6th, is your voting date.


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